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Our priority is the safety of our customers and colleagues. For those customers who are now comfortable attending our workshops, these are our new ways of working. We ask that everyone attending any of our workshops follows them.

For those who have booked places on any of our workshops, but are not yet comfortable attending them, we are happy to move them to dates later this year or next year.

To help us restrict the number of people at each session, we ask you to book your place. We will not accept any “drop-in” customers unless we have space to run the workshop safely.

Increased Cleaning

  • All workshop area work surfaces, toilet and kitchen surfaces will be disinfected regularly.

  • Towels and tea towels will be washed daily.


Social Distancing

  • We will accept a maximum of 4 participants at each session which will allow for 1m+ social distancing.

  • Jane (instructor) will keep her distance from participants unless both are happy for them to move closer. If this happens, being side to side is better than face to face. Closer contact should be for less than 15 mins.

  • We will ask you to wear a face covering.


Hand Washing 

  • We will ask all attendees to wash or sanitise their hands as they arrive - before touching anything.

  • Everyone using the toilets should wash their hands beforehand as well as afterwards.

  • If possible, we will provide each person with their own tools and materials. When sharing is necessary, everyone will be asked to wash or sanitise their hands before touching shared items. 

  • We will provide hand sanitiser for convenience - hand washing is even better and there’s plenty of soap and water!



  • To minimise touching the same items, we recommend you bring your own refreshments.

  • We will make drinks for those who want them. Anyone who does so will wash their hands beforehand. You are welcome to bring your own mug if you prefer.


Face Masks & Gloves

  • We will provide masks on the day, unless customers would like to bring their own.

  • Jane will be wearing a mask.

  • We have disposable gloves available. We recommend hand washing / sanitising.

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