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Wet Felting



What is Wet Felting?

As the name suggests there is a lot of warm, soapy water involved in the process of producing this type of felt!

After laying out a pattern or scene (landscape or seascape) with dry, wool fibres they are sandwiched between bubble wrap and net (to hold the fibres in place) wet down with warm soapy water, then rolled and rubbed. This interlocks and compacts the wool fibres as the individual wool fibres are covered with small scales. When water and pressure from rubbing are applied the scales open up and the fibres tangle together. When the felt dries the fibres stay tangled and become ‘felted’ material.

Half Day Workshop...

You will learn the basic skills of wet felting in this workshop and there is plenty of time to create a picture or abstract. You will go home with something to be proud of! £30.

Full Day Workshop...

A full day workshop is as the half day initially. We learn the basic skills of this lovely craft. How to lay out a design, mixing wool to create different shades and much more, then in the afternoon I will teach you how to embellish your creation using a wide range of wool; locks, yarn, glittery fibres, trimmings and lots of other lovely bits and pieces. Your final creation can be to hang or can be made into something else entirely! Small groups ensure lots of support and encouragement with a friendly atmosphere. £60.


How do we do it?

All that is required is provided apart from an old towel.

We use a bamboo mat, netting, bubble wrap, a roller, wool and lots of elbow grease. Then the magic happens!

What's included in the price?

All materials required are included along with a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and biscuits. On the full day, a delicious lunch of homemade soup and a sandwich is available for £5

Experience needed?

You do not need any prior experience in felting for any of the workshops to produce something fabulous! Everyone is always delighted with what they have made - especially the ones who think they are not 'creative'. I love to see the smiling faces! During the year there will also be specific courses available such as tea cosies, needle felted animals and birds and bags - please call for details.

Do we cater for parties?

Yes! Children's or Adults felt parties available. Courses will run throughout the year please contact me for dates. 

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