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Our Passion


Living on the Yorkshire coast in England provides daily inspiration – from the wild North Sea to the North Yorkshire Moors, a riot of Summer colour from the heather.


The Yorkshire Wolds are close by too and offer huge skies and glorious colour. We have fabulous woodland and countryside in this country, home to many small mammals and birds.

Felting is my homage to them whilst indulging myself with the endless variety of dazzling colours available in wool.

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Looking back through my creative life I realise that felting for me is the culmination of many disciplines and experiences.


One of the main influences was Kaffe Fassett, the famous American knitter and embroiderer who arrived in England in the early 60’s. His work was an explosion of colour and detail. I have visited many galleries and museums and always gravitate to colour and nature. Georgia O’Keefe is another artist who I admire.

I have quilted, embroidered, painted, drawn, sewn and crafted over the years and now concentrate on my best love - felting! It is so versatile and allows me to create landscapes in wet felt and animals in needle felt. The sheer variety of Britain’s wildlife and plantlife offer endless inspiration and, always the teacher, I love to share and teach others.


I hope you learn to love this therapeutic craft as much as me and draw as much pleasure from it as I do. Happy felting to you all!

Jane Hamlin, Co Founder

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