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Berries Wool Bundle

Berries Wool Bundle

Suitable for Wet Felting.

6 x 10g wool slivers in a variety colours.


Introducing the "Berries" Sliver Wool Bundle – A Symphony of Vibrant Colours and Softness!


Experience a burst of indulgence with our extraordinary "Berries" Sliver Wool Bundle. Curated with care, this collection shows the beauty and range of wool slivers in a palette inspired by nature's luscious berries and of late summer and Autumn.


We have carefully selected the sliver wool fibres, to ensure an experience that will stand the test of time.


A delicious range of blended and single colours from the palest pink to deep, vibrant pinks and purples, allowing you to create unique subtle tones in your work. Perfect for 2D and 3D needle felting and wet felting.


This range is ideal for adding to your own collection of colours for wet felting or as a starter set.

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