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Here are two charming, woodland Toadstools to adorn your home.


The photos for this model really don't do it justice to show all the detailed work on the base.

The base, decorated to replicate a woodland floor, is first made using core wool to build the shape, then decorated with a diverse variety of different wools. Some merino, some glitzy, some bright, some dark and the stems of the toadstools have wool locks running up them to simulate moss.


The caps are needled using soft red merino and decorated with white spots. The stems are made from bright white merino too. All put together to make a model that stands about 10cm tall and up to 16cm at the widest part of the base


Made to order and all sizes are approximate due to the nature of the craft. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks from purchase to delivery but if you require him urgently please contact us and we will endeavour to help.


The model will arrive to you beautifully packed in a smart gift box. It can also be sent direct to a different address as a gift and can include a handwritten note.

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