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Our Wet Felting


We offer two workshops for wet felting, half day (3 hours) and full day (6 hours).


In the 3 hour session (morning or afternoon) we teach how to "paint" a picture using fine, merino wool. Layering the wool using the many colours I have available in my workshop.


I have lots of inspiration here for people to work from or some people like to bring their own photographs to work from.

How do we do it?

All that is required is provided apart from an old towel.

We use a bamboo mat, netting, bubble wrap, a roller, wool and lots of elbow grease. Then the magic happens!

Previous Workshops...

Here are a few wonderful examples of a few Wet Felt "Paintings" that have been made in previous workshops!

A little more information...

A full day workshop allows you time to learn finer details of this wonderful ancient craft. 


Adding needle felting, how to make prefelt and using embellishment to further enhance the work.

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